Linear Relationships

In this topic you will learn how to:

  • determine the gradient of a straight line
  • sketch a straight line given its equation in the form y = ax + b
  • determine the equation of a straight line in the form y = ax + b from its graph

Class exercises: Int2 Unit 1 – Linear Relationships

Homework: Outcome 1.3 – Linear Relationships – Due date TBA (will be issued in August)

If you have missed any of the topic or would like extra explanation and practice please look at these revision notes from the Maths4Scotland Int2 website:

Linear Relationships

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The Straight Line


The Straight Line

New Topic: The Straight Line, MiA Unit 1 Ch1

By the end of this topic you will be able to:
• calculate the gradient of a straight line from a variety of given information
• use and create the slope-intercept, point-slope and general equation of a straight line
• construct equations for medians, altitudes and perpendicular bisectors
• solve problems using the properties of straight lines