N5 Unit 1 Outcome 1.4 – Practice


N5 Unit 1 Practice – Outcome 4

Circles 2 – Arcs & Sectors

Circle Parts

Having investigated the relationships between the radius, diameter, circumference and area of a circle, I can apply my knowledge to solve related problems.  MTH 4-16b

In this topic we will extend our knowledge of the circle by learning how to calculate the length of an arc of a circle and calculate the area of any sector of a circle given the angle at the centre.  We will use our knowledge to solve problems including finding the angle at the centre given an arc length or sector area.

Homework: Arcs & Sectors

Task 1: Find the minor arc length for (c), (d) and (e), the sector area OAB for (f), (g) and (h).

Task 2: In your group solve the allocated problem, Q3, Q4 or Q5, and be prepared to present your solution to the class on the whiteboard.

Due: Thursday 12th September