Algebraic Operations

Importance of Algebra

In this topic you will learn how to:

  • multiply algebraic expressions involving brackets
  • factorise algebraic expressions
  • factorise trinomial expressions

Class exercises: Int2 Unit 1 – Algebraic Operations

Homework: Outcome 1.4 – Algebraic Operations – Due date TBA (will be issued in August)

If you have missed any of the topic or would like extra explanation and practice please look at these revision notes from the Maths4Scotland Int2 website:

Algebra Practice

Brackets & Equations

Difference of Two Squares

Factorising Trinomials


Please comment below if you have any questions about the homework exercise or the topic.


Brackets & Equations

New Topic: Brackets & Equations, MiA 3³ Ch3

By the end of this topic you will have revised your basic algebra skills including:

  • gathering like terms & simplifying expressions
  • substituting values (including negative numbers)
  • evaluating expressions
  • multiplying out brackets
  • You will be able to:

  • multiply out (expand) double brackets
  • expand squared brackets