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Full worked solutions to be submitted in pairs/trios by Wednesday 24th June.

Solutions can be re-submitted until perfect.

All students in your group must be able to fully explain the solution.

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Trigonometric Functions & Graphs

Mr H in 10 years

New Topic: Trigonometric Functions & Graphs

By the end of this topic you will be able to:
• convert Degrees to Radian measure and vice versa
• recall exact values in and calculate using radian measure
• translate graphs of trig functions
• sketch trig functions given their equation
• solve trig equations

Homework: Trig Functions Set1

Due: Tuesday 7th October


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Sketching the Derived Function Example

This was my first attempt at a video with audio.

The commentary is awful!!! 🙂  But it took me so many shots to get that one that I’m not doing it again!  I really can explain it better in front of a class!

Trig Equation Example

Wave Function Example