N5 Maths Revision

N5 Revision Booklet

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Trig Revision

Revision Sheet: Trig Revision

Complete by Thursday 28th February


Worked Solutions from class



Vectors Revision

Vectors Revision

• know meaning of terms; vector (column, position, unit), scalar, magnitude, directed line segment, component
• add and subtract vectors and multiply a vector by a scalar
• determine the distance between two points in three dimensions
• determine and solve problems relating to parallel, perpendicular and collinear lines
• use and apply the scalar product


Vectors Revision

Vectors Revision Marking Scheme

Higher Prelim Revision

PRACTICE really does make perfect when it comes to revising Maths.

Working your way through past papers is the only way to make sure you have understood what you’ve been taught during the year.

Remember ‘RE VISION’ means ‘SEE AGAIN’. Redoing homework or past paper exercises again is a good idea, you can compare with your previous attempt. Having done it before does not necessarily mean knowing it!

Make sure that you USE all the resources available to you; past papers, textbook, class notes, homework resources, topic checklists, study guides, internet, TEACHER!, etc.

Good luck!

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Higher Prelim 2009-10

Higher Prelim 2010-11

Higher Prelim 2011-12

Higher Prelim 2012-13

Higher Prelim 2013-14

Higher Prelim 2014-15

Higher Prelim Revision Booklet


These prelims follow the old Higher Unit order and contain topics not yet covered: i.e. Recurrence Relations (Sequences) and Integration.  Please miss these questions out and ask if unsure.

Mr H


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Professor CalculusNew Topic: Differentiation, MiA Higher Ch3

By the end of this topic you will:
• be familiar with the terminology associated with differentiation
• understand the principles of differentiation
• be able to derive the gradient formula of a given function
• be able to calculate the gradient of a tangent to a curve
• be able to use differentiation to solve optimisation problems

Homework 1: Differentiation 1 Set1

Due: Friday 3:20pm – submit to Mr H’s office

ALL pupils should be able to complete Q1 & 2

MOST pupils should be able to complete Q4

SOME pupils should be able to complete Q3


Homework 2: Differentiation HW2

Due: Wednesday 18th November

ALL pupils should be able to complete Q1 – 4

MOST pupils should be able to complete Q5 & 6

SOME pupils should be able to complete Q7

Differentiation HW2 – Solutions


Composite Functions

By the end of this lesson you will:

  • be able to find f(g(x)) given f(x) and g(x)

Homework: Composite and Inverse Functions Set1

Due: TBC