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N5 Unit 3 Outcome 1.2 – Practice

N5 Unit 3 Outcome 2 - Practice

N5 Unit 3 Practice – Outcome 2

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N5 Unit 3 Vectors Ex29A Answers

N5 Unit 3 Ex29A Answers

N5 Unit 3 Outcome 1.1 – Practice

N5 Unit 3 Outcome 1 - Practice

N5 Unit 3 Practice – Outcome 1

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National 5 Practice Exam Papers

N5 Practice Paper A

N5 Practice Paper A – Answers


N5 Practice Paper B

N5 Practice Paper B – Answers


N5 Practice Paper C

N5 Practice Paper C – Answers


N5 Practice Paper D

N5 Practice Paper D – Answers


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Trig Equations

New Topic: Trigonometric Equations

By the end of this topic you will be able to:

  • identify related angles
  • solve basic trigonometric equations
  • calculate where trigonometric graphs and straight lines intersect
  • work with exact vales
  • work with trig identities

N5 Textbook Ch24

Homework: N5 HW – Trig Equations


N5 Unit 2 Outcome 1.5 – Practice

N5 Unit 2 Practice - Outcome 5

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