Trig Revision

Trig Revision

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  1. Have you got the answers to these? If so, could you please put it up.

    • No, just put the sheet together on friday. I was planning going over it in class. Do you have any specific questions on it?

      • Just for question 5. I got a reasonable angle, but when I put it in Pi form it gets weird. My answer for 5 was X= 47(Pi)/120 , 193(Pi)/120
        Seems like such a strangle number to be, so I was hoping to check to see if it was right. I did try and desmos and they seem to agree, but I feel the need to check further, just in case.

  2. Answer to question 5 is 1.231, 5.052 radians to 3d.p. (1 d.p. acceptable).
    In calculator paper you can use decimal radians if not giving ‘common’ fractions of pi.

  3. Can you put the solutions for the Area between curves sheet online please?

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