Higher Prelim Revision

PRACTICE really does make perfect when it comes to revising Maths.

Working your way through past papers is the only way to make sure you have understood what you’ve been taught during the year.

Remember ‘RE VISION’ means ‘SEE AGAIN’. Redoing homework or past paper exercises again is a good idea, you can compare with your previous attempt. Having done it before does not necessarily mean knowing it!

Make sure that you USE all the resources available to you; past papers, textbook, class notes, homework resources, topic checklists, study guides, internet, TEACHER!, etc.

Good luck!

Higher Prelim 2007-08

Higher Prelim 2008-09

Higher Prelim 2009-10

Higher Prelim 2010-11

Higher Prelim 2011-12

Higher Prelim 2012-13

Higher Prelim 2013-14

Higher Prelim 2014-15

Higher Prelim Revision Booklet


These prelims follow the old Higher Unit order and contain topics not yet covered: i.e. Recurrence Relations (Sequences) and Integration.  Please miss these questions out and ask if unsure.

Mr H


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