National 5 Practice Exam Papers

N5 Practice Paper A

N5 Practice Paper A – Answers


N5 Practice Paper B

N5 Practice Paper B – Answers


N5 Practice Paper C

N5 Practice Paper C – Answers


N5 Practice Paper D

N5 Practice Paper D – Answers


Please leave a comment below if you have any questions to ask about these papers.

Remember to state which paper and question.

Good luck,



2 Responses

  1. Hi are some of your answers wrong in answers part to paper c, non calculator. In particular Q:2,5,8(a)(b). My maths may be wrong on 5 but am not sure however I have put Q 2 into a calculator and it gave me the answer I had instead of in the answer scheme. I also can not see how 8(a) is 2 and not 1/2 which would also make b wrong. I have practiced these questions over and over and can’t seem to make the answer scheme fit?

    • Sorry buddy! These are not my answers but they are correct!

      Q2 you must follow BODMAS and do addition in bracket first. This gives 7/4 + 3/8 which is 14/8 + 3/8 = 17/8. Multiply by 2/7 to get 17/28.

      Q5 Factorises to (7 – x)(1 + x) = 0

      Q8(a) Using your gradient formula (the right way round!!) gives (3-(-7))/(4-(-1)) which is 10/5 = 2. Then answer to (b) follows.

      Good luck today!!

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