N5 Prelim Revision

The following are the main topics to revise for your N5 Maths prelim on Thursday 23rd January including reference to relevant textbook exercises.

Please also go over the Practice Unit Assessments available on this site and the Unit Revision sections in your textbook.

There are links below to the answer booklets for the textbook, answers for the Credit Revision Pack and also links to the N5 Specimen Exam Paper (remember this will include some topics not yet covered).

Remember, you get what you deserve so be prepared and match your ability with EFFORT!

Good luck!

Algebraic Skills

Changing the Subject of a Formula: Ex15D

Expanding Brackets: Ex3C & D

Factorising & Quadratics: Ex4D & E, Ex19C, G & H

Algebraic Fractions: Ex6A & Ex7B

Completing the Square: Ex5A

Simultaneous Equations: Ex14E


Numerical Skills

Fractions & Percentages: Ex31D & E, Ex32D

Indices & Surds: Ex1B & D, Ex2E

Standard Deviation: Credit Revision Pack


Geometric Skills

Gradients & Equations of Lines: Ex8A & Ex12D

Similarity: Ex22B

Circle Geometry: Ex21C & D

Angles in Polygons: Ex21E

Arcs & Sectors: Ex9A-C

Volumes: Ex10A-D


Triginometric Skills

SOH CAH TOA: Credit Revision Pack

Textbook Answers: N5-Maths-Unit-1, N5-Maths-Unit-2

Credit Past Paper Questions – Solutions

N5 Specimen Exam: Paper 1, Paper 2


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