Algebraic Functions and Graphs

New Topic: Algebraic Functions and Graphs

By the end of this topic you will be able to:

• complete the square for quadratic functions

• recognise the probable form of a function from its graph

• draw graphs of related functions given f(x), f(x) being a simple polynomial or trigonometric function

• know the general features of the graphs of y=ax and y=logax

6 Responses

  1. Monday 27th August, Periods 2 & 3

    Mental warm-up: squaring brackets, e.g. (x + 2)²
    Practice factorising then look at quadratic function on graphics calculator.
    Look at link between values in trinomial and factors with the graph.
    Recap translating the y = x² function.
    Lead into completing the square.

  2. Tuesday 28th August, Period 6

    JW to deliver class starter.

    Class to work through ‘Completing Square’ exercise while target setting discussions take place.

  3. Wednesday 29th August, Period 3

    RS to deliver starter.

    Final day working through ‘Completing Square’ problems.
    Combination of worksheet and p30 Ex1A/B.

  4. Thursday 30th August, Period 4

    Composite & Inverse Functions Homework due.

    CR to deliver starter.

    Maxima and minima of quadratic functions.

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