The Exponential & Logarithmic Function

New Topic: The Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

By the end of this topic you will be able to:
• recall and use the laws of logarithms
• solve simple exponential and logarithmic equations
• model mathematically situations involving the logarithmic or exponential function

11 Responses

  1. Friday 4 March, period 5

    Percentage increase/decrease starter question.

    Growth & Decay, reminder on compound interest style calculations from standard grade and discussion.

    Complete selected questions from Ex1 (Growth) and Ex2 (Decay)

  2. Monday 7 March, period 1


    Ex3 Q1,2, 5-9

  3. Tuesday 8 March, period 4

    Class to work on Unit 3 Practice NAB while I interview remaining pupils for report card/progress check.

  4. Wednesday 9 March, periods 5 & 6

    Homework Due

    Linking the Exponential & logarithmic Function

    Starter: What power of 2 = 17, What power of 10 = 29
    Ex4 Q1-6

    Rules of Logarithms Ex5

  5. Thursday 10 March, period 2

    Solving Exponential Equations

    Aim to complete all of Ex6 & 7

  6. Friday 11 March, period 5

    Experiment & Theory Ex8

    Using logarithms to determine a function for experimental data.

  7. Monday 14 March, period 1

    The M&M lesson!

    Modeling population growth and decay using M&M’s (or Skittles)

    Population Modelling - Pupil Sheet

    • That’s all folks!

      The last lesson for Higher Maths 2010-11.

      I hope you enjoyed the lesson and the sweets!
      Can you please complete the decay curve calculations for Friday.

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