Further Calculus

New Topic: Further Calculus, MiA Unit 3 Ch2

By the end of this topic you will be able to:
• differentiate and integrate functions involving brackets
• differentiate and integrate trig functions
• apply these skills to solve problems

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  1. Wednesday 23 February, periods 5 & 6

    Starter leading into sketching derived functions for y = sin x and y = cos x.

    Define the rule for differentiating sin x and cos x then p221 Ex2A Q1-4, 7,9,11,12.

    By second period progress to Ex2B, work through a selection from Q1-4 with class then class fill in gaps.

    Aim to cover Q1-4, 6, 8-10 minimum.

    Homework Due: Vectors and prelim paper

  2. Thursday 24 February, period 2

    Chain Rule Ex3A
    By expanding and differentiating squared and cubed brackets develop a rule for taking a short-cut from original function to derived function, i.e. Chain Rule.

    (click to enlarge)

    Examples will cover Q1-3 so begin at Q4

  3. Friday 25 February, period 5

    Exact values test, e.g. sin240, cos 3π/4, etc

    Ex3B chain rule involving more algebraic manipulation before and after differentiation step.

    • Exact values better than expected, those who did not so well had not revised.

      Most reached Q8 in textbook.
      Will come back and cover Q10 as part of topic review.

  4. Monday 28 February, period 1

    Short exact values starter.

    Using Chain Rule with trig functions Ex 4A
    Recap of chain rule with polynomials and differentiating sin/cos.

    Selection of examples from Q1-7 then aim to complete remainder within period.

  5. Tuesday 1 March, period 4

    Recap chain rule for ‘brackets’ and trig and develop rule for integrating brackets.

    Aim to complete Ex5

  6. Wednesday 2 March, periods 5 & 6

    Period 5: Integrating Trig Functions, Ex6 and definite integrals Ex7 – selected examples from both ex’s

    Period 6: Go over questions from 2010 prelim paper class found most challenging.
    Also discuss main issues from Vectors HW

    • Ex6 Q1(a) to 11(a) & Q15 completed.
      Then Ex7 Q1-4 by all, some further on

      Spent period 6 discussing Vectors HW and Q23 & 24 from prelim homework.

      Homework: Further Calculus
      Due: Wednesday 9 March

  7. Thursday 3 March, period 2

    Class to work on areas from topic that they feel they need more practice on or complete Chapter Review Ex.

    While class working I’ll try and see 3/4 pupils for their progress report interview.

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