New Topic: Polynomials, MiA Unit 2 Ch1.1

By the end of this topic you will be able to:
• use the Remainder Theorem to find remainder when dividing by x – h  
• determine the roots of a polynomial equation  
• use the Factor Theorem to determine the factors of a polynomial
f(x) = (2x – 1)(3x + 2)(2x – 5)

2 Responses

  1. Wednesday 27 October, periods 5&6

    Pose how to factorise a cubic

    Nested form examples, use to evaluate values

    Introduce synthetic division
    Discuss terminology in division

    Use synthetic division to divide polynomials by linear expressions

  2. Monday 1 November, period 1

    f(x) = 2x³ – 4x² + x – 7, evaluate f(3) and f(-2)

    Factorise trinomials by hand and by using ‘L shaped sum’.
    Compare factors to values in ‘L shaped sum’.

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