New Topic: Sequences, MiA Higher Ch4

By the end of this topic you will:
• know the terms: sequence, nth term, limit as n tends to
• use un notation for the nth term of a sequence
• define and interpret recurrence relations of the form un+1 = mun + c
• know condition for limit of sequence from recurrence relation to exist
• find (where possible) and interpret the limit of a sequence resulting from a recurrence relation in a mathematical model

5 Responses

  1. Thursday 30 September, period 2

    Finite and Infinite sequences Ex4
    Convergence and limits

    Linear Recurrence relations, Ex5
    Try and cover most questions with fully worked examples to allow class to work independently on Friday in my absence.

  2. Friday 1 October, period 5

    MA out of school

    Class to complete Ex5 Q2, 4-6
    (worked solutions to Q4 & 5 available in class)

    Then Recurrence Relations problem sheet (downloadable here)

  3. Monday 4 October, period 1

    Check Friday’s work – cover similar problems.

    Cover key points from final exercise – Ex6

    Reminder that NAB is on Wednesday and class should be well on with their revision by now.

  4. Tuesday 5 October, period 4

    Revision for Unit 1 NAB (tomorrow)

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