New Topic: Similarity, MiA 4³ Ch3

By the end of this topic you will be able to solve problems using:

  • ratio of sides of similar figures right-angled triangles triangles
  • ratio of areas of similar figures
  • ratio of surface areas of similar solids
  • ratio of volumes of similar solids
  • 8 Responses

    1. Tuesday 21 September, period 3

      Discuss what makes shapes mathematically similar.
      Complete worked examples with ‘easy’ scale factors to embed method.

      Similar shapes calculations

    2. Wednesday 22 September, period 1

      Similar Triangles – Enlargement and Reduction
      Ex5.1 Q1-2

    3. Thursday 23 September, period 1

      Continue calculating similar triangles Ex5.1

    4. Friday 24 September, period 6

      Similar Triangles involving angles and parallel lines
      Ex5.2 Q2,4 & 5

    5. Tuesday 28 September, period 3

      Go over Volume & Money questions submitted for homework.

      Set similar questions as starter

      Similar Areas Ex8.1 Q2, 6, 8

    6. Wednesday 29 September, period 1

      Correct homework question then review similar areas and move onto similar volumes Ex10.1

      Homework: White book p4 Q1, p23 Q1
      Due: Thursday 30 September

    7. Thursday 30 September, period 1

      Further practice on similar areas and summarise topic

    8. Friday 1 October, period 6

      The questions below are from your White Past Paper Pack
      All questions are from the work covered this term
      All questions must be attempted (please make sure you do the correct questions)
      You should have time to get to the questions on p19 during class time
      The remaining questions are to be completed at home (in class jotter) for Tuesday
      Please show full (and organised) working

      Using Percentages p4 Q3
      Algebra p6 Q2, 3, 15, 16
      Inequalities p8 Q4, 5
      Areas & Volumes p19 Q3, 9
      Similarity p23 Q4, 5
      Variation p73 Q5

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