Equations & Inequations


New Topic: Equations & Inequations, MiA 4³ Ch5

By the end of this topic you will have revised your basic algebra skills including:

  • gathering like terms & simplifying expressions
  • substituting values (including negative numbers)
  • evaluating expressions
  • multiplying out brackets (single and double)
  • solving equations
  • You will be able to solve:

  • equations involving expanding double brackets
  • equations with fractions
  • inequations ( etc)
  • 6 Responses

    1. Friday 10 September, period 6

      Equations revision

      Solving linear equations of type:
      2x + 7 = 9, 5x – 2 = 3x + 4, 9(x + 3) = -27, etc

      p99 Ex2.1

    2. Tuesday 14 September, period 3

      Revision of expanding double brackets
      e.g. (x + 2)(x – 3), (2x + 1)(3x – 7)

      Discuss and return Areas & Volumes homework
      Set percentages homework and remediation questions on A&V

    3. Wednesday 15 September, period 1

      Solving Equations with quadratic terms

      p101 Ex2.2

      Selection from Q1 and Q2

    4. Thursday 16 September, period 1

      Equations with fractions

      Revise multiplying and simplifying fractions (numbers only) then onto algebraic fractions.

    5. Friday 17 September, period 6

      Solving inequations

      Last lesson on this topic for now focusing on inequations – same skills as solving equations.
      Make note of case where multiplying /dividing by a negative value.

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