Percentage Calculations

New Topic: Percentage Calculations

By the end of this topic you will be able to:
Calculate percentages using decimal values (e.g. 70% = 0.7)
Calculate percentage increase/decrease
Apply a percentage increase/decrease repeatedly
Understand the terms profit/loss, appreciation/depreciation
Know the difference between simple interest and compound interest
Apply knowledge to solve problems in context

3 Responses

  1. Tuesday 7 September, period 3

    Starter: p24 Q3,4 & 7

    Revision of percentage calculations.
    Simple interest then compound interest (by calculating each year individually)

    Introduce quick method, e.g. 0.7 x £40
    Then Ex10.1

  2. Wednesday 8 September, period 1

    Compound Interest Ex10.2

    Work out successive years individually then find out how to apply compound interest in one calculation.

    Homework due: Areas & Volumes

  3. Thursday 9 September, period 1

    Appreciation & Depreciation

    Worked examples with real house price for appreciation and real used car values for depreciation.


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