Areas & Volumes


New Topic: Surface Area & Volume, MiA 4³ Ch1 In this topic you will learn how to calculate the surface area and volume of prisms and composite solids.

7 Responses

  1. Thursday 26 August, period 1

    Revision of Area calculations.
    First consider basic shapes such as rectangle, triangle and circle.
    Use triangles to calculate areas of quadrilaterals.
    Emphasise setting down, labelling and appropriate rounding/units.

  2. Friday 27 August, period 6

    Areas of composite shapes.
    Worked examples followed by Ex6.1

  3. Tuesday 31 August, period 3

    Volumes of Prisms
    Definition of a prism then derive method for finding volume.

    Worked examples for cuboid, triangular prism, cylinder and generic prism.

  4. Wednesday 1 September, period 1

    Surface Areas
    Worked examples then problems from Ex10.1

  5. Thursday 2 September, period 1

    Complete Ex10.1 – Surface Area & Volume problems then look at exam questions

  6. Friday 3 September, period 6

    Go over Proportion & Variation homework.
    Revise non-calculator exam questions (page 1)

  7. Homework discussed and model answers copied into jotters. Some pupils will resubmit similar questions instead of corrections.

    Worked on more A&V exam questions instead of non-calc.

    Set p268 Q4(a) and Q5 as homework for Wednesday.

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