Alien Invasion!

Alien Invasion (Bowland Maths Rich Task)

While the class is visiting the city of Manford, monstrous alien spaceships appear in the sky and drift overhead
before slowly landing. The class has been separated into groups to visit various places of interest, so the first aim
is to try and join up and escape on the school bus. However, the landing of the ships has caused a lot of panic.
Everyone is trying to leave the city, clogging the streets with traffic.

6 Responses

  1. Tuesday 22 June, period 3

    Set the scene: Mars Attacks trailer

    Lesson 1 (see Bowland lesson plan)

    Homework for tomorrow: Work out how far you can walk in 1 minute

  2. Good fun! Very high quality resources from Bowland.

    Due to length of media resources and discussion we got up to calculating the map scale and some groups have a first draft of locations of the alien ships.

  3. Wednesday 23 June, period 1

    Alien Invasion Lesson 2 – Escape Plan

    • Where should the muster point be?
    • What’s the shortest route to reach the muster point?
    • If everyone walks at the average speed of his or her group how soon could everyone get there?

    Recap progress so far and complete task to locate the alien ships.
    Discuss findings from homework – estimate walking speed. How long will it take a group top walk 400m (1/4 mile)?
    View latest news reports and plan an escape route back to minibus from current locations.

  4. All lesson 2 tasks complete.
    Average walking speed identified as 85m/min, approximately 5 mins to cover 400m.

    All groups have planned and timed an escape route.

  5. Thursday 24 June, period 1

    Alien Invasion Lesson 3 – Alien Behaviour
    • What information do we have about the behaviour of the Aliens?
    • How can we represent the information so that it can be sent to HQ and interpreted quickly?

  6. Thursday 1 July, period 1

    Alien Invasion Lesson 4 – The Escape
    • What is the code that will unlock the cell?
    • What is the code for the patterns used by the communicator?

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