Sketching the Derived Function Example

This was my first attempt at a video with audio.

The commentary is awful!!! 🙂  But it took me so many shots to get that one that I’m not doing it again!  I really can explain it better in front of a class!

3 Responses

  1. Standing ovation right there!

  2. You might find it easier (as I do) to simply film yourself (your hand actually) doing the solution naturally on paper. Place camera on tripod above paper ) This gives students a “real life” picture and the commentary comes more naturally. I found yours easy to follow.

  3. Hi Paul, thanks for your comments. The filming bit was the easy part as I have a tablet PC which is like pen and paper to write with. It was talking while doing it that took several takes!! I am not totally happy wit the finished effort but could not face doing it again!
    This is not my natural style of teaching. I am (hopefully) far more animated in person, I also question lots and involve the class the whole time rather than just talking through examples like this. I’m going to keep going though!
    Do you post your videos anywhere?

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