Equations and Inequations


New Topic: Equations & Inequations, MiA 4² Ch6

By the end of this topic you will be able to solve equations involving variables on both sides, equations with brackets and inequalities.

8 Responses

  1. Thursday 1 October, Period 5

    Starter: Justify each of cube, square based pyramid and triangular prism as the odd one out.

    Solving equations of the form: 5x – 2 = 3x + 6

    ‘Solving Equations 2 – Algebra 2’ worksheet

  2. Working through Ex1, some pupils nearly finished.

  3. Friday 2 October, Period 1

    Go over last few questions from General practice prelim paper 2.

    Complete Solving Equations Ex1. Some pupils will extend onto Ex2.

  4. Tuesday 6 October, Period 6

    Non-calculator starter.
    Recap double sided equations.
    Main lesson: Algebra 2 – Solving Equations 2
    Equations with brackets, e.g. 2(3x + 4) = 26

  5. Pupils quickly got the hang of equations with brackets so had time to start inequations. Some pupils confused by the change of symbol despite the algebraic steps being the same as equations.

  6. Wednesday 7 October, Period 2

    Non-calculator starter questions.
    Further practice on solving Inequations from Algebra 2 worksheet.

  7. Thursday 8 October

    Open book General level test.
    Pupils can use their class jotter to assist with this test.
    The time allocated will not allow the jotter to be used for all questions. It is hoped that pupils will focus more on problem solving and improved setting down.

  8. Only half class present (illness & early holidays) but went ahead anyway as those present had prepared for it.

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