Surface Area & Volume


New Topic: Surface Area & Volume, MiA 4² Ch2 In this topic you will learn how to calculate the volume and surface area of a variety of solids.

16 Responses

  1. Tuesday 15 September, Period 5

    Revise calculating the volume of a cube/cuboid.
    Complete Ex2.1

  2. All completed Ex2.1, some worked on Ex2.2 Q3.

  3. Wednesday 16 September, Period 2

    Volume of Cube/Cuboid problem solving questions, Ex2.2 & Ex3.1.

    Circles starter question.

  4. Pretty good effort from class today.

  5. Thursday 18 September, Period 5

    Non-calculator question starter.
    Discuss homework briefly (will do in more detail on Friday)

    Surface Area of cuboids. Worked exampe with class then complete all of Q1 on Ex3.1.

    Homework: Volumes & Surface Area – Textbook p234 Q1

    Due: Tuesday 22 September

  6. Spent about half period on starter and some HW issues.

    Finished lesson on Q1 from textbook.

  7. Friday 19 September, Period 1

    Go over General Revision homework exercise thoroughly.

    Complete Surface Area of Cuboids exercise.

  8. Tuesday 22 September, Period 6

    Pass round 3D shapes and get groups to identify each.
    Classify and discuss.

    Volume of a Prism Ex5.1

    Detail work to be completed Wed/Thurs while I am at SETT conference.

  9. Wednesday 23 September, period 2

    MA at Scottish Learning Festival

    Prelim Revision

    Pupils should complete the 2008-9 General Paper 1 prelim (write on the paper) followed by the revision sheet, which they should do in their jotter.

    Please ask the class to complete the revision sheet for Friday.

    No calculators required but please ask a pupil to issue rulers to the class.

  10. Thursday 24 September, Period 5

    MA at Scottish Learning Festival

    Prelim Revision

    Pupils should complete the 2008-9 General Paper 2 prelim (write on the paper).

    Ask pupils to issue calculators and rulers to the class.
    Please remind the class that the Revision sheet started yesterday must be completed for Friday.

  11. Friday 25 September, Period 1

    Collect prelim revision papers.

    Volumes of Prisms, Ex5.1 – Complete Q1-2

    Volume of a Triangular Prism, Ex6.1 Q1, 2, 4, 5

  12. Tuesday 29 September, Period 6

    Volume of a Cylinder Ex8.1
    Complete all questions

  13. Most completed all/most of exercise.
    A couple need more practice on circles.

  14. Wednesday 30 September, Period 2

    Go through practice prelim paper recently completed.
    Traffic light each question and identify revision priorities.

  15. Covered all of P1 and up to Q4b in P2.
    Questions traffic lighted as we went.

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