New Topic: Decimals, TJ Level F Ch13

During this topic you will further develop your ability to work with decimal numbers to be able to:

  • recall number facts quickly and use them accurately in calculations (inc times tables to at least 12×12 and common squares and cubes)
  • apply the four operations to whole number calculations using a variety of mental and written methods
  • round any number to a given number of decimal places
  • round any number to a given number of significant figures
  • use rounding skills to estimate and check calculations
  • use order of operations (BODMAS) in calculations
  • solve problems in familiar and unfamiliar contexts

23 Responses

  1. Tuesday 8 September, Period 5

    Introduce new topic, for many the initial work my be revision of prior knowledge.

    Revise adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimal numbers by written method.

    Discuss examples as class then complete short exercise.

  2. Whole class very adept at these calculations.
    Detailed work to be done tomorrow in my absence.

  3. Wednesday 9 September, Period 3

    (MA at SQA, Glasgow)

    Class should work on Level E Decimal revision exercise on pp55-57 in Level F textbook.

  4. Thursday 10 September, Period 1

    Check work completed yesterday and cover any issues.

    Rounding to any number of decimal places, Ex7.

    End lesson with Connect3 challenge (integers)

  5. Monday 14 September, Period 2

    Significant Figures
    Use Saturday’s lottery jackpot as starting discussion point.

    In groups complete football stadia capacity exercise.

    Start Ex8.

  6. Starters went well.
    Need more practice rounding decimals lees than 1.

  7. Tuesday 15 September, Period 5

    Rounding Temperature starter problem.
    Recap yesterday’s lesson then complete Ex8.

  8. Wednesday 16 September, Period 3

    Food Miles activity. Problem solving task creating meals with lowest and highest food miles from given data.

    If time move onto rounding distances from UK to country of origin of food from first task.

    Make sure that class have a practice using Yacapaca before setting homework.

    Homework: Integers & Rounding Quizzes
    Due: Thursday 24 September

  9. Thursday 17 September, Period 1

    Complete Food Miles tasks on computers and email to me when finished.

  10. Due to issues with first time login on laptops, task not completed. Complete tomorrow.

  11. Monday 21 September, Period 2

    Starter: Rounding

    Applications of Decimals: Hire Purchase, p68 Q4-7

  12. Tuesday 22 September, period 5

    Prepare class for my absence next two days.

    Cover Profit/Loss and Foreign Exchange, worked examples for each to allow pupils to complete these exercises.

  13. Wednesday 23 September, Period 3

    MA at Scottish Learning Festival


    Please ask volunteers to give out the Level F textbooks, jotters, rulers and calculators.

    Pupils should work on p67 – Profit and Loss then p70 Foreign Exchange.

    The class have examples on their jotters and textbooks to help them.

  14. Thursday 24 September, Period 1

    MA at Scottish Learning Festival


    Please ask volunteers to give out the Level F textbooks, jotters, rulers and calculators.

    Pupils should complete p70 Foreign Exchange if not done so last lesson, calculators required. Then work on p71-2 (miss out Q9 & 10 today). No calculators for this exercise.

  15. Monday 28 September, Period 2

    Go over and correct work completed in my absence.
    Discuss any issues from HW (BC-AD date calculations)

    Cooperative Learning Activity – Graffiti
    Create graffiti poster on all knowledge and skills covered in Decimals topic.
    Summarise posters in a list.

    Homework: Decimals Q7-10
    Due: Thursday 1 October

  16. Spent longer checking and correcting work from Wed/Thurs.

    Completed graffiti posters and processed coop task but no time for summary list.

  17. Tuesday 29 September, Period 5

    Analyse and summarise graffiti posters on decimals.
    Self assess against list.
    Identify next steps.

  18. Monday 5 October, Period 2

    Cre8ate Maths – Minimise or Supervise activities.
    Organise class into cooperative groups and assign roles.
    Task 1 is a short discussion on consequences of eating excessive amounts of particular foods.

    Task 2: use the internet to search and rank nutritional data for six products.

    Task 3: (probably next lesson) devise a meal plan for two characters based on physical attributes, lifestyle and basal metabolic rate.

  19. Groups worked well but internet searches took longer than anticipated.

    Task 2 to be rounded off next lesson then onto Task 3.

  20. Tuesday 6 October, period 5

    Laptops booked.

    Recap previous lesson then complete Task 2.

    Task 3: Devise a meal plan for two characters based on physical attributes, lifestyle and basal metabolic rate.

    Feedback results to class.

  21. Task 3 completed. It seems I need a daily intake of 3000 calories!

  22. Wednesday 7 October, Period 3

    Term 1 diagnostic test at levels E and F.

  23. Thursday 8 October, Period 1

    Team problem solving with UKMT Junior Team Challenge materials.

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