Thursday 30 October, Period 5

New Topic: Symmetry, TJ Level D Ch7. Display photo images of reflection in nature to stimulate discussion. Introduce reflection/line symmetry – Ex1 (photocopy pages instead of tracing objects into jotters). End lesson with Halloween symmetry pictures (complete & colour).

5 Responses

  1. Pupils got on well with today’s tasks.
    All pupils (Levels B,C & D) worked on Level D exercise.
    Great Halloween pictures!

  2. Friday 31 October, Period 3

    Continue much as previous lesson but looking at more difficult shapes, i.e. shapes with more than one line of symmetry or no symmetry.

    Finish Halloween symmetry pictures in last 10 minutes.

  3. Monday 3 November, Period 1

    Symmetry worksheets: Alphabet symmetry, Road signs symmetry, flag symmetry.

    While class completing worksheets, in pairs go with class helper and digital camera and find and photo symmetrical objects.

    Set task to find objects with 0, 1, 2, more lines of symmetry.

    Possibly finish with Symmetry ‘Follow Me’ cards activity if time.

  4. Colour copier not working (needed for worksheets) so completed ‘Face Symmetry’ activity on computers instead.

  5. Tuesday 4 November, Period 3

    As planned for Monday.

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