Composite & Inverse Functions

By the end of this topic you will:

  • know domain, range, inverse, composite functions
  • be able to find f(g(x)) given f(x) and g(x)
  • 8 Responses

    1. Thursday 4 September, Periods 2 & 3

      Definition of a function, set notation, number sets, domain & range.
      Substituting vales and expressions into functions.

      Complete all of Ex1

    2. Friday 5 September, Period 2

      Composite Functions Ex3

    3. Monday 8 September, Period 6

      Recap topic then complete Ex3

    4. Tuesday 9 September, Period 1

      Inverse functions.
      Start with solving some linear equations, change of subject and trig equation. Then “I’ve thought of a number..” problems.

      Look at definition of a function that has an inverse then complete exercise from board (textbook exercise not great).

    5. Wednesday 10 September, Period 6

      Review topic and work through key questions from revision exercise.

    6. Covered all major points again except inverse functions.

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