Credit Study Support


Use this page to post requests for help on any Credit Maths related issue.

Please fully explain the problem and give details of the book or past paper including page number/year and question number.

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  1. This is a great idea – I’ll add this site to my feed reader today 🙂

  2. Cheers Robert! I’ve wandered into your blog a few times, it and a couple of others led me to give it a go myself.

  3. which pages would be best for credit revision?

  4. At this stage your best strategy is to practice as many past paper questions as possible. You can find answers/solutions to the last five years of Credit papers here:  Credit Solutions 2002-06

    If you come across a question/topic that you are not sure about then use your textbook, jotter, notes, etc to help you work out how to solve it. You can always ask for specific help from your teacher and here too.

  5. Im stuck on number 12 in the yellow h/w book the non calc past paper at the back of the book. Could you help?

  6. Hi dc, this is a good problem solving question.

    You need to find the area of the lid which has radius r , so A = \pi r^2 .

    The area of the curved section (rectangle) is found using A = lb , where the length is equal to the circumference of the lid (C = \pi D or C = 2\pi r ) and the breadth is given as 6r . So

    A = l x b
    A = 2\pi r x 6r
    A = 12\pi r^2

    The area of the lid as a fraction of the curved area is then: \frac{\pi r^2}{12\pi r^2}

    Which simplifies to \frac{1}{12} by cancelling \pi r^2 .

    Hope this helps!

  7. Sure does help cheers!

  8. im stuck on the 2003 non calc paper question 11 b and c i was wondering how do you do it?

  9. Im also stuck on the 2004 non calc paper question 8

  10. Hi dc,
    I don’t have those papers to hand at home but I can point you to the solutions for the moment. Both are about spotting patterns, Q8 then goes on to be simultaneous equations. If you need me to expand on them let me know as I can check the questions at school tomorrow.

    Here is the link to the past paper solutions page on the school website. You will find solutions for Credit 2002 to 2006.

    Click here for Past Paper Solutions

  11. Im Stuck!

  12. Can you give me a bit more info, please!!!

  13. When Are The 2007 Answers To The Credit Papers Going On The School Website? 🙂

  14. Hi K, I hope to get them on over the weekend. The General solutions are already there. Good luck with your other exams!

  15. Thank You!

  16. Hello again! I have completed solutions to the Credit exam but will not be able to upload them to the school website until Tuesday. If you want a sneak preview you can find them here until I transfer them to the school site:

    Paper 1 –

    Paper 2 –

    Hope you like what you see!! 🙂

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